Annabel Harvey & Zara Ryan The Lezbos Do FaceFucking

Face Fucking Annabel Harvey & Zara Ryan

Zara Ryan is back on FaceFucking and she brought a lezbo friend, Annabel Harvey. It’s not too often that we get 2 chicks at once so we make sure we go for the gold. This also happens to be Annabel’s first time doing a porn. Both of these cunts are certified nutcases and that’s putting it nicely. We already know about Zara Ryan seeing as this is round 2 for her, but let’s talk about Annabel. This chick carries some serious baggage seeing as her mother tried to kill her. You know it’s not a lie as when we brought up that subject she let out some horrific cries. That’s when we had Zara use this info against her friend. Today is a fucked up emotional scene with some aggressive rage fucking. Over the years I’ve seen meltdowns, but this is one that makes it into my top 10.

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