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Posted in Black Payback

Black History Taught Correctly on BlackPayback

Here’s an update you won’t want to miss on This cute whore gets completely humiliated, degraded and dominated by Rico Strong. He shows no…

Posted in Facial Abuse

Slovenly Stripper on FacialAbuse

We have a bizarre whore tonight. To remind her of home, she likes to get slapped around. We like to provide these whores with familiar…

Posted in Facial Abuse

The Little Engine That Could on FacialAbuse

All she can muttered was “I think I can” as she’s getting face fucked by big dicks. The head of the cocks were making weird…

Sperm Suckers Nadia White AKA Ariel Adore
Posted in Sperm Suckers

Nadia White AKA Ariel Adore Returns For More SpermSuckers

Nadia White has done SpermSuckers before, but she was known as Ariel Adore back then. She’s back for round 2 with a new name, new…

Latina Throats Mandy Muse 2
Posted in Latina Abuse Latina Throats

Mandy Muse Round 2 On LatinaThroats

Mandy Muse has returned to LatinaThroats for round 2. This time around she’s up against Bootleg and Pauly Harker and in for one hell of…

Ghetto Gaggers Tristina Millz 2
Posted in Ghetto Gaggers

Tristina Millz Is Back For Round 2 On GhettoGaggers

It was about seven years ago that Tristina Millz first graced the GhettoGaggers couch. Normally people do a lot of changing within so many years…

Ghetto Gaggers Sade Sparx 2
Posted in Ghetto Gaggers

Sade Sparx Returns To GhettoGaggers

Sade Sparx decided to come back to GhettoGaggers to prove she’s more than a tap out. She’s also a fucking complainer, but that’s ok seeing…

Ghetto Gaggers Sha Dynasty 2
Posted in Ghetto Gaggers

Sha Dynasty Returns For More Abuse On GhettoGaggers

Sha Dynasty is an old biddy that just can’t get enough of GhettoGaggers. Today this whore was pitted against Pauly Harker and Jay D who…

Ghetto Gaggers Leisha Lush 2
Posted in Ghetto Gaggers

Leisha Lush Back For Round 2 On GhettoGaggers

18 year old Leisha Lush is back for round 2 on GhettoGaggers. At least thing young whore knows that her future isn’t too bright and…

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