Harmony Rose Ends Up In Tears On GhettoGaggers

Ghetto Gaggers Harmony Rose

This is Harmony Rose and she came to GhettoGaggers with a huge price tag. Let it be known that if you’re not some fat slob and you’re an excellent piece of ass, Duke Skywalker will pay you accordingly. Anyhow, with the amount of money I spent on this ebony hottie, I wanted to make sure she was given the full GG experience. Things start off pretty lighthearted until shit got real. Bootleg and Jay D made it “not fun” fast with some hard slapping and shoving their cocks down her gullet at rapid speeds. I’m telling you, this whore’s mood changed in a blink of an eye and she even busted out in tears. But as you know, we never stop there and that’s when shit got even better. The guys stuffed her tiny cunt full of cock and shoved the biggest dildo they could find up it. Harmony is petite and the dildo was about the size of her calf…they kept pushing until her pussy was stretched to the max.

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