Sophie Ryan

Click Here to see Sophie Ryan at Facial Abuse

As I’m sure most of you may have noticed, I haven’t been posting as much lately.  I had to take care of some shit that’s really none of your business.  I had to lay low for a while to let some shit pass over.  It’s all good now, though… thanks for asking.

Anyway, what a nice treat to come back to.  Red picked up this sweet piece of ass and convinced her to do a shoot for Facial Abuse.  I don’t know what kind of magical bullshit he whispered in her ear, but whatever it was… it worked.  Fucking Red, man… girls are always falling in love with him… even after he cracks them across the jaw a few times.  The good guys (like me) always finish last.

Anyway, onto Sophie Ryan.  I’m happy with her look.  She’s clean cut, had her nails done nicely and looked presentable.  She wasn’t like the other street trash that finds their way in the studio from time to time.  Sophie is the kind of whore that makes me proud to be a pornographer.

I unleashed Red and Bootleg on her for the shoot.  Part of her hated it, but I think another part of her really enjoyed it.  That part was probably her cunt because Red tore it up.  I think Bootleg just grossed her out because she was constantly locking eyes with Red.  You guys know me… I can’t turn Facial Abuse into some sort of love making site so I turned off the camera and told Sophie that if she keeps making goo-goo eyes with Red, I’m going to punch both of hers.

Business as usual… I’m back, baby!


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