Jayla Foxx

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Jayla Foxx answered one of our internet ads and came in to shoot for Ghetto Gaggers.  The pre-interview was going well until some fucking jackass kept blowing up her phone.  I can tell she was embarrassed because she kept looking at me while some male voice screamed at the top of his lungs on the other end of the line.  I politely got up from my chair and told her, “I’m going to go get a cup of coffee.  When I get back, either the phone is off or you’re going out the FUCKING WINDOW HEAD FIRST!!!”  I then made her flinch so she knows it wasn’t a joke.

When I returned, her phone was hidden and she was sitting pretty.  I then proceeded to the next step of the interview.  I told her to get undressed so I can critique her body.  She did… but I wish she hadn’t.  She looked pretty tight while wearing clothes, but as soon as she got naked, the ugliness reared it head.

I asked her when the last time she did some sit-ups were.  She got all sassy and said, “Honey… I do my crunches every day.”

I replied, “The only thing you’re crunching is Nestle.”

She didn’t get the joke, but Red was laughing his ass off… so I got out of my seat and walked over and gave him a high five.

Then, I commented on how her two front teeth remind me of a cross between a beaver and Michael Strahan from the NY Giants.  They were bucked the fuck out and gapped.  To amuse myself, I made her eat an apple while I continued to interview her.  I literally sat in amazement as her chompers worked all the way down to the core.  Fuck… I should have had her build me a dam or something.

Anyway, I ended up giving her the gig because she seemed like a real pig.  But honestly… the real reason I wanted to film her was so that she actually followed through with cheating on her boyfriend or whatever.  I’d hate for her to chicken out and go home faithful… not that I doubt she really is.  But I just couldn’t sleep at night knowing I didn’t do my part at destroying another ghetto relationship.


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