Karman Webb Celebrates Her Birthday On GhettoGaggers

Ghetto Gaggers Karman Webb

Karman Webb returns for a solo GhettoGaggers scene. The first time she was here she was weighed down by the anchor, Jaime Fetti who sat around doing fuck all while Karman put in the work. Anyhow she was pissed the Jaime’s lack of performance affected hers so we brought her back. Anyhow Karman’s shoot is off the rails seeing as it focuses solely on her abilities. Listen if you can make past the first 2 minutes of this, kudos to you. Yes, it’s that fucking gross! This ebony whores throat is like a god damn Cracker Jack box, every cock thrust rewarded us with a prize. Then Pauly Harker and Jay D went to town on her black slit. That’s when things became shameful, humiliating, and emotions hit. Why? Because she was told to say just how much she likes white man cock. To make things even more epic, it was her birthday! That’s right we celebrated it in true Ghetto Gaggers style with the guys blowing their loads all over her face.

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