Ghetto Gaggers Sade Sparx
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Sade Sparx Can’t Handle GhettoGaggers

Sade Sparx walked into the GhettoGaggers studio thinking she could handle being a porn star. Not a great mentality to have when you go up…

Ghetto Gaggers Lola Bricks
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Lola Bricks Can’t Handle The Abuse On GhettoGaggers

18 year old Lola Bricks thought she could handle GhettoGaggers. It turns out that once Pauly Harker and Jay D started in on her, she…

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Natalie Ava Could Have Been Great On FaceFucking

Natalie Ava is a skinny chick who thought she could handle FaceFucking. It’s a shame this whore tapped out because I thought we had struck…

Ghetto Gaggers Li Golden
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Li Golden Can’t Handle GhettoGaggers

Li Golden didn’t stay long on GhettoGaggers. We tried to get her to stay in exchange for some candy bars and cupcakes, but she just…

Ghetto Gaggers Passion Rose
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Passion Rose Gets Help From Her Mom On GhettoGaggers

Today’s GhettoGaggers with Passion Rose is going to completely mindfuck you. I think this is a first in the history of GG. Let’s move on…