Ghetto Gaggers These Lips Were Made For Sucking
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These Lips Were Made For Sucking On Ghetto Gaggers

This GhettoGaggers whore can sure as hell suck a mean dick. This deep throating pro knows how to hide a meat tube like no other but…

Ghetto Gaggers Simone Styles 2
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Simone Styles Is Back For More On GhettoGaggers

Some whores who come through GhettoGaggers you can remember their name, but not their face. That’s the case with Simone Styles. She was here about…

Ghetto Gaggers Destinee Jackson
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Destinee Jackson Face Fucked On GhettoGaggers

This hot petite pig goes by the name Destinee Jackson. It’s not everyday a hot hoodrat shows up to GhettoGaggers. Let’s talk about this whores…

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Marie Chantilly 2

This is a Ghetto Gaggers first…Marie Chantilly tapped out the first time she was here, but she came back to prove she could handle it….

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Jazzi Lai

Jazzi Lai may have a really dumb name, but don’t let it fool you. Not only is Ghetto Gaggers her first porn ever, she’s never…