I like to consider myself an equal opportunity abuser.  For instance, Jensie… she may look normal, but she’s really a freak of nature.  I still hired her, though.  I guess I’m a true humanitarian.

People see her and asked, “Duke… she looks like any other ghetto skank you shot, what’s fucked up about her?”

Here’s a hint… most people can count to 10 using their fingers and thumbs.  She can not.  The highest she can count to is 9.  I will be honest, I did have concerns about hiring her, though.  I mean… I don’t want my sites to turn into a freak show where we’re constantly hiring retards and cripples, you know?  Red suggested me make her wear mittens, but I don’t think that would have worked out too well.

There were times during the action where I had to wince.  Seeing her wrap her ET fingers around Red’s cock make me vomit a little in my mouth.  You ever see those games where you put in 50 cents and try to use that mechanical crane to pick up a stuff animal for your girlfriend?  It was like that.  Either that or it looked like some eagles claw with it’s dinner secured.

Aside from her hand being absolutely repulsive to look at, she was an excellent performer.  At one point, she noticed me staring and said, “It’s really not that big of a deal.”  I did my best to not laugh out loud, but without thinking I replied, “Why do you think God hates you?”

I think that kinda struck a nerve.  I quickly changed the subject by following up with, “Ok guys… dump you loads on this whores face so we can wrap it up.”


  • Duke Skywalker