Jayla Starr

This cunt is a real cunt.  I hate her.  She tried to get all sassy during the shoot and it took every ounce of self control not to round house kick her fucking head off.  Little ghetto bitches like this is the reason why Ghetto Gaggers is so popular.  People love seeing those rubber necking hood rats get their world rocked.

The problem with this type of cunt is that she’s used to getting her way with her loser tricks.  They probably bend over backwards for her when she throws that black ass around the town.  We could care less about her.  She’s just an update to us.  We don’t care if she leaves the studio and gets abducted by aliens.  As long as we got what we needed, we’re all set.

Ok… enough about this dumb cunt’s personality disorder.  Let’s talk about the good stuff.  We fucked her up.  Personally, I would have went overboard… and by “overboard” I mean we should have wrapped up some oranges in a sack and just wailed on her with them.

On a side note, she should take some of her money and buy a tube of Clearasil.  Her face looked like a pamphlet written in braile.  She must be deep frying all the loads before eating them.  Fucking whore!

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  • Duke Skywalker