Jamie Sullivan Enjoys The Abuse Dished Out On GhettoGaggers

Ghetto Gaggers Jaime Sullivan

Today on GhettoGaggers we have Jamie Sullivan, the 19 year old hood rat who thinks she’s a porn star. If she was, I think I would have heard about her before today. Like every other skank who graces us with their presence, her road here was a long sad one, blah, blah, blah. This hoot rat has already been through the ringer being pimped out. I guess selling her cunt and having to turn the cash over to her pimp was too much for her so she started to cut. She’s basically a train wreck. Today she was used simply and efficiently. By the time her mouth and pussy were thrashed, she was feeling even worse about herself. The funny thing is, somewhere deep down this dumb twit actually enjoyed it. I guess you have to get used to it when it’s all you know how to do.

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