Harper Grace The White Trailer Trash Bimbo Does FaceFucking

Face Fucking Harper Grace

Harper Grace decided to make her porn debut on FaceFucking. Back in her hillbilly hick hometown she’s a stripper, but can’t seem to make enough money from dancing naked. I suspect it’s due to the fact that the BillyBob’s spend their cash on beer, Nascar, and teeth. So she made the choice to throw on a wig and come to New Jersey hoping to make a fresh career start where all the whores experience misery like never before. This idiot actually enjoys this type of shit so the guys stepped their game up. They knocked this whore around the way her abusive ex-boyfriend did and shoved their dicks in her mouth making her empty her belly all over. By the time Pauly Harker and Jay D were finished with this white trailer trash bimbo she was totally humiliated and embarrassed…just what we want to see on Face Fucking.

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