Felicity Feline Returns For FaceFucking Round 2

Face Fucking Felicity Feline

Felicity Feline did FaceFucking about a year ago and is back today. This hot whore tried the whole day job thing, but couldn’t hack it so she’s back to selling her cunt. As always it’s great when the pretty chicks do Face Fucking because they always think they’ll get off easy when in reality they get it the worst. Felicity just happens to be a submissive whore and took the punishment like a champ. Even when Bootleg and Harker took turns ramming their cocks down her throat she was obedient. After having her face thoroughly fucked and her cunt used up, she was covered in spit and cum. I’m sure as she sat there like a DNA collection swab she wondered why she ever thought about returning to porn.

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