Amelia Dire Does A Legendary Scene

Today on we have Amelia Dire. This whore has none of her dignity left, I’m not sure she had any to begin with. She’s an empty shell of a person without a soul at all. The only things left floating around her on the inside are the demons left over from traumatizing past experiences. Is there a better type of whore for Face Fucking? I think not. Let’s move on to this skanks throat fucking. Her throat seems to be a never ending bottomless hole that just swallows down hard cocks with ease. When it came to the cunt fucking, it opened wide and had no problems handling the hard rough pounding. Her ass proved to be just like her throat, she took dick up it like it was nothing at all. Anal isn’t easy for most of the best whores yet, it was for her. You probably won’t believe me, but we took destroying this whore to a whole new level. You have to when you’re working with a broken soul like Amelia Dire. It’s hardcore, brutal, and messy…all the things that make for a legendary scene.

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