Alora Jaymes VS Bootleg & Pauly

Not only is Alora Jaymes making a triumphant return to, so is Bootleg. We thought it was only right to throw Pauly Harker into this mix as it can only make for an even more magnificent scene. Oh what a scene this is, I live for this shit. Bootleg and Pauly had no mercy for this whore. Within moments of making Alora gag on their hard dicks, she was erupting like a vomit volcano into the slop pool. She was then made to roll all over in her own puke. After the Pauly and Bootleg took turns annihilating her asshole, pounding it as she screamed. Her cunt was shredded by every thrust of their big hard cocks. As if that wasn’t enough, the guys destroyed her pussy and ass at the same time.

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