Ghetto Gaggers Harmony Rose
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Harmony Rose Ends Up In Tears On GhettoGaggers

This is Harmony Rose and she came to GhettoGaggers with a huge price tag. Let it be known that if you’re not some fat slob…

Ghetto Gaggers Sweetie
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Sweetie Is Back And Useless On GhettoGaggers

Sweetie has been on GhettoGaggers before, but it’s been so long I can barely remember it. Tonight she’s back for round two of some messy…

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Becca Lee Returns For Her 4th GhettoGaggers

Becca Lee became part of the GhettoGaggers elite today. She’s back for the 4th time and only a few can say the same. It’s these…

Ghetto Gaggers Chanel Amor
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Chanel Amor Makes Quick Cash Doing GhettoGaggers

Chanel Amor is a hottie doing GhettoGaggers which isn’t the norm. After taking one look at her I knew she had to be really hard…

Ghetto Gaggers Chellie Rain
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Chellie Rain The Unkempt Hoodrat Does GhettoGaggers

Meet Chellie Rain, you’ll most likely forget this hoodrats name, but not her Ghetto Gaggers scene. She came here on her path of following her…

Ghetto Gaggers Layla Ray 2
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Layla Ray Returns For An Unforgettable Ghetto Gaggers Scene

Apparently Layla Ray has done GhettoGaggers before? Not a single person here remembered this whore. I suppose she did well on her first visit, but…

Ghetto Gaggers Little Bambi
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Little Bambi Loves To Get Face Fucked

Today on GhettoGaggers we have the 18 year old Little Bambi who has a nice tight body. This lil hood rat just loves to fuck…

Ghetto Gaggers Naomi Gamble
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Naomi Gamble

Naomi Gamble may look like a fool with her retarded hipster haircut, but she’s awesome. She put in some amazing work today on Ghetto Gaggers….

Ghetto Gaggers Astaris Borne
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Astaris Borne

So this hood rat thinks so highly of herself that she gave herself the name Astaris Borne or in other words, A Star Is Born….