Kimberly Chi and Orion Starr 4 Way Fuck Fest On FaceFucking

Face Fucking Kimberly Chi & Orion Starr

FaceFucking has an extra special scene for you today. Kimberly Chi and Orion Starr have both come back for another round, but what makes it so special is that they’re paired up together. Yes that’s right it’s Kimberly Chi, Orion Starr, Pauly Harker, and Jay D in an epic four way fuck fest. These types of scenes don’t happened very often, but when the opportunity comes knocking, we answer the fucking door all the way. These whores were put up against not only each other, but the guys big hard cocks. The depraving acts these petite little cunts can take will leave you amazed. The guy’s even made the chicks slap each other around and take turns spitting on one another. They licked each others cunts, ate asses, and even fucked themselves with a double ended dildo. Trust me you do not want to miss this, it’s epic!

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